Learning The Automotive Tricks of the Trade

Are you worried that your new car won't stay new for long? Find out how you can start doing your own maintenance and repairs.

Top 3 Signs That Your Car’s Suspension Is Damaged

9 April 2017
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Do you own your own vehicle? Do you know how to tell if there is a problem with your suspension? Although suspension issues aren't always as obvious and easy to discover as a transmission that needs to be repaired, a damaged suspension can still be a serious problem. Having suspension problems could lead to a host of other car troubles, such as a potentially expensive broken axle. As a result, it's important to have your suspension checked out if you think that there might be a problem. Read More …

Tips For Reducing Your Company’s Fleet Costs

3 January 2017
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No matter the industry you're in, if your business relies on a fleet of vehicles and drivers, there's a good chance that your fleet is a big part of your operating costs. What many business owners don't realize is that there are many ways to reduce those costs. Here are a few of the things that you can consider to help you save money on your fleet operation. Size Does Matter Read More …

Semi Truck Purchasing - How The Maintenance Log Can Help You Investigate The Truck

29 October 2016
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If you want to purchase a used semi truck, then it is in your best interest to look at the truck you intend on purchasing very carefully. Semi trucks are quite expensive, and even used varieties can cost as much as $100,000. It is often suggested that you look at the maintenance logs before deciding on the truck you want. There are a few things you should look for in these logs, like the following. Read More …

What You Need To Know To Spot Suspension Problems Before Disaster Strikes

30 April 2014
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Not only is the suspension the central focus for the way your car rides, it is also the target of most of the roadway abuse. With so many components that must be flexible and responsive, the suspension is vulnerable to wear and damage. Check its condition on a regular basis to help avoid an accident. Feeling the Pressure You should check your car's tire pressure on a regular basis. At least once each month, check the tire pressure to be sure that the tires are not over- or under-inflated. Read More …

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